Flat Beans, Mint and Fenugreek Leaves Salad


I am in a relationship.

With Food. Since 8 years. And now, food and I share the relationship of a spouse. Very intense. There are days when I hate eating anything at home. There are days when I cannot wait to cook. And there are days when I just want to eat what K cooks. So, whatever it is, the relationship exists. I thought I loved only some vegetables and I hated the rest. But now I know that I love all of them, because I know how to cook each and every one of them. (even Brusselsprouts and Artichokes; wait for my recipes).

I have always loved green beans for their light and at the same time textural quality. Easy on the stomach and easy to flavor up, these form a very integral part of our diet at home. I cook all types of beans. And for lunch it was flat green beans. I like their long tails and that rare green color. For crunch I used toasted rice, and my favorite seeds.


  1. 200 gm flat beans
  2. 50 gm fenugreek leaves
  3. 50 gm mint leaves
  4. 20 gm pumpkin seeds
  5. 20 gm raw rice (any type of rice)
  6. 2 tbspns Olive oil (extra virgin)
  7. Juice of half an orange
  8. Juice of half a lemon
  9. Salt


–          In a deep vessel filled with a glass of boiling water, add in the beans that have been trimmed at the ends and washed.

–          In another heavy based pan toast the seeds and the rice. They toast up at different temperatures. So adjust the heat and the time accordingly. toast the rice till it turns to a deep brown color.

–          By this time, the beans are done (5 min). Again, I keep them just about 60 percent done, because I like their natural color retained. So, drain them and pass cold water through them once.

–          After the seeds and the rice are toasted, transfer them to another plate and heat up about 1 tbspn of olive oil in the pan. Add in the fenugreek and mint leaves. Cook them for exactly 1 and half min. They will wilt and still retain their color by this time.

–          Add this mixture to the drained beans; add the toasted seeds and rice.

–          The pan will have some liquid rendered by the leaves and some of the oil. Add in the rest of the oil, the orange juice and lemon juice and deglaze it. That’s your dressing.

–          Pour it over the bean-seed-rice mixture. Mix till everything is combined.



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