Pea and Mint Soup


And I am back from a beautiful, family holiday. We went to visit my parents in my native city. Four days of total bliss and complete wholesome food. As I mentioned in my previous post, it was Pongal. And for us, Pongal is a harvest festival; which means we cook with whatever harvest we have that year. In Southern India, the major harvest is generally staples like paddy (rice), lentils and others like wheat. It’s a 3-day festival, and the most spectacular dish that is cooked on 2nd day (main festival) is Pongal (sometimes sweet version, sometimes the salty one). And as far as I know, she makes the best Pongal ever! In Pongal we use both rice and lentils to create this fantastic dish.


Green peas are my favourite filler to any dish; and sometimes even the main ingredient. I have made peas and cheese soups before – especially peas with mozzarella or blue cheese. But this, I made tonight for the first time. I did not want a soup that was completely smooth; with a certain texture was what I wanted. But you could smooth it out if you wanted. My soup may seem a bit frothy, because I boiled it again.

  1. 300 gm Green peas (frozen or fresh)
  2. A bunch and a half of fresh mint leaves
  3. 5-6 cloves of garlic
  4. Juice of half a lemon
  5. Salt and pepper

–          All you do is dump the green peas in boiling water. You could season it a little bit at this stage. I use frozen green peas at all times. So it takes less than 10 min for me to make the soup itself. But if you are using fresh peas, it may take you around 20 minutes to make the soup.

–          Tumble in the garlic cloves at half time. Let the peas boil till almost fork tender, while they still retain their beautiful green

–          Strain them and put them in the blender, with the garlic cloves. Add the fresh mint and some warm water.

–          Blend till whatever smoothness you like. Adjust the seasoning

–          Dish the soup out and dress with olive oil


3 thoughts on “Pea and Mint Soup

  1. roshni

    Tried the soup yesterday & it turned out well. Since it was for my daughter, cut out the texture by filtering the blended mixture thru a sieve. Served with a dash of oregano, absolutely yummy! Thanks for the recipe dear.



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