Simple Tomato-Olive Soup


All of us are looking for nutritious meals at the end of the day. So, I have started tagging all my recipes with respect to the nutritional aspect. Recipes are tagged like “Protein-rich”, “Vitamin A”, “Iron-rich”, etc. Please suggest/advise/ask for more. I would love to experiment and learn. Thanks a ton! 

It’s the end of winter here, but the chill still lingers on. Though the days are warm, it is quite cold in the mornings and evenings from around 6 pm. More so because we live in an area that marks the end of our neighborhood.  Beyond our community, there is nothing else; no residences, no commercial spaces, nothing. It’s all trees and tall buildings seen on the horizon. Not dreamy at all, but good for now.

I had a variety of tomatoes available yesterday evening. And by variety I mean different levels of ripeness, different types of crops, etc. I even had utterly green tomatoes. And I had some pitted olives. The most that K and I have used olives for is as a “topping” on pizzas and bruschetta. I wanted to use these olives as the main ingredient rather than just to top something off. And the odd thing is, I did not have to use even a leaf of basil in this. I’d say I did not want to use, the reason being that I did not want the olives’ acridness to be overpowered by anything. Not herbs. And it’s quite a quick soup to make. No major chopping required too.


  1. 5 medium sized tomatoes, quartered
  2. 3-4 tbspns black olives (pitted)
  3. 4 garlic cloves
  4. 2 tbspns honey
  5. Salt
  6. Cayenne pepper
  7. Ground black pepper (optional)


–          In a heavy bottomed pan with 2 tbspns of water, add the quartered tomatoes and cook them for 5-7 min, till the skins wilt. Take them off the heat and cool for 5 min. I do not take the skins off. I find that it is good to use every single bit of the tomatoes. (I do not deseed them too.)

–          Add the garlic cloves, olives, and blend the mixture with a cup or two of water, till it is smooth.

–          Transfer the mixture back to the pan, add more water if necessary, add salt, honey and cayenne pepper, and reheat it till the temp you feel necessary for a warming or hot soup for the evening. 


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