Roasted Cauliflower and Red Radish Salad


Someday I will grow cauliflower in my yard. Somehow, this beautiful vegetable has allured me to such an extent that we buy cauliflower every week, without fail. Sometimes even two of them. I have learnt so many dishes with cauliflower that I can’t start with it. Its versatility makes me even want to bake a cake with it!

In this season, I prefer warm soups, spicy curries and of course rice. Anyway, I invariably put on weight during winter, so why not do it in style! So, I made a salad this time, with cauliflower and others. But most of the others was red radish. I have grown radish earlier; one of the easiest vegetable to grow, if you have a depth of atleast 3 feet in your plant/flower beds. It is kind of maintenance free, once you have good quality seeds and you replant them at stage one.

  1. 200 gm cauliflower florets
  2. 100 gm red radish, cut into circular strips
  3. ½ a medium sized onion cut into half-moons
  4. 1 stick of celery, chopped
  5. A handful of peanuts
  6. Fresh Basil leaves
  7. Oil (even a light olive oil is good)
  8. Salt
  9. Ground black pepper (optional)

–          For this salad, I did not touch my oven. I made everything on the stove. I found it much easier this way. Put a skillet on heat, and meanwhile, dress your florets in oil and plunk them on to the hot skillet. Roast them till they are brown on the edges and cooked atleast 30-40%. Take them off the heat

–          in the same skillet, add in a tspn of oil more, and roast the onion and celery for about 30 sec, till they soften a bit. Add them to the roasted cauliflower.

–          Next, your peanuts. But now without oil. Till they are brown.

–          Roast your red radish strips also without oil.

–          Combine all the vegetables and the peanuts, dress with fresh basil and serve warm. 


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