Lentil Soup


For chilly evenings, this soup is just so soothing; just magic. The warmness of lentils and the goodness of milk is what make this soup very smooth and digestible. I used red lentils here, as they take relatively less time to cook. But you could use any lentils of your choice. And even add a spritz of lemon at the end, to add that zing if you are interested.

  1. 100 gm raw red lentils (or any light, digestible lentils)
  2. 300 ml water (boiling)
  3. 100 ml warm milk
  4. A bunch of fresh fenugreek leaves, finely chopped
  5. 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  6. Salt
  7. Fresh ground black pepper


–          In a pressure cooker, cook your lentils with 100-150 ml of water till they are completely soft. Release the cooker, add the fresh fenugreek leaves and cook for 7-10 min

–          After this, add milk and let it cook for another 3 min.

–          Blend the mixture after it cools a bit.

–          Cook off the garlic separately till brown and add it to the mixture. Season it.

–          Take the mixture off the heat and serve hot/warm


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