Moroccan Red Cabbage Salad


Red cabbage always calls for salad making. Being one of the light vegetables and also something that is rich in minerals and vitamin K and C, it is probably something that we should have more often. Not all vegetables have such high quantities of these vitamins, which by the way, are fat soluble and Vitamin K especially helps in developing bone density in children. I have included some proteins too in here, but if you are averse, you can avoid them.

This is a tossed salad. I like tossed salads per se, because they eliminate some smell that such vegetables have, and there is not more than 5 percent loss of nutrients.


  1. Half a head of red cabbage, shredded quite chunky
  2. 1 white radish, sliced uniformly
  3. A handful of sprouted horse gram
  4. A few fresh basil leaves
  5. Extra virgin olive oil
  6. 2 tpns sumac
  7. Salt
  8. Fresh ground black pepper

–          In a heavy bottom dish, add in about a tbspn of olive oil, and toss the vegetables, including the sprouts for 2-3 minutes, not more. Take them off the heat

–          In another bowl, make your dressing with the oil, sumac, salt and pepper. Pour over the tossed vegetables and stir well.

–          Dress with fresh basil and serve warm


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