Lentil Salad


This is probably one of the highest protein foods that you can have during a weight management program. And the vegetables and herbs I used in here can be varied according to what you have available. But I have made sure I added watery vegetables, because I am still on the program.

I cook the lentils with milk and water sometimes, and sometimes just water. Sometimes I roast the lentils for a bit, before I cook them. But I make sure I never use canned ones, because we don’t seem to like the taste a lot.

There are a lot of kinds of lentils available here in Bangalore. I use the split Toor Dal or split Moong Dal variety for my lentil salads. But, again, you could use any that is available to you.


  1. 250 gm  Yellow Lentils (of your choice ), toasted till slightly brown
  2. 250 gm vegetables like Cucumber (any variety), chopped roughly
  3. 6 cloves of garlic, mashed
  4. A handful of sunflower seeds, toasted
  5. 1 tbpsn dry chilli flakes
  6. 1 tspn cumin seeds
  7. 1 tbspn lemon peel powder
  8. A handful of herbs like sage and curry leaves
  9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  10. Salt


–          In your pressure cooker, cook your lentils with very little water, so that they remain separate and not crowded and watery. It’s a salad after all. And I used watery vegetables too, so using less water when cooking lentils makes perfect sense to me.

–          After the lentils cook, keep them aside till all the steam is released. In a separate heavy-bottom dish on the stove, add a tspn of oil, add in the cumin seeds, garlic and chilli flakes and half of the herbs and cook for about 30 sec.

–          Add in the vegetables and cook for around 5-7 min, till they are just about 1/4th cooked.

–          Add in the remaining herbs and the cooked lentils. Combine well, season, add in the toasted sunflower seeds, serve the salad warm. 


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