Fennel and Milk Soup


The other day I found rice paper. I don’t think I need to say anything else. But yes, I will definitely say this: I probably spend more than half of my life in the food section of the supermarket. I find each and every product interesting and innovative, right from its ingredients to its nutritional value (and its price). Especially exotic ingredients like Sumac or soba noodles really grab my eye.

Its been 25 days now that I started my diet program and I am officially 10 pounds lighter. It feel happy to say that. So we took a two-day break and had a proper Andhra meal this past weekend, consisting of mango dal, stuffed Andhra aubergine and chutney, all accompanied with rice. And no, I did not put on more weight.

I made fennel soup, and I learnt about the medicinal properties of this wonderful vegetable. Fennel works well against flatulence and woman’s problems. It is also known to treat hypertension. Make sure you complement a pungent, strong vegetable like Fennel with a softer, milder fluid or vegetable. This gives the dish an excellent balance.




  1. 150 gm Fennel bulb(s), washed and sliced
  2. 150 ml of warm milk
  3. 2 cloves of garlic (optional)
  4. A sprig of fresh sage leaves
  5. Salt and fresh ground black pepper

–          In a heavy bottom dish, pour in a cup of water, and place the sliced fennel. Let it cook till it becomes soft and slightly yielding

–          After it cools down for a bit, add the cooked slices to a blender, with the milk, salt and garlic. Blend till the mixture is perfectly smooth.

–          I reheat the mixture again, but you could avoid the step. Dress with sage fresh or lightly stir-fried sage leaves. (Serve hot) 


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