One Salad and a Wedding

(Broccoli and Beans with Coconut dressing)

When we finished the wedding, we wanted to do just one thing: Sleep. No phone calls, emails, texts, and no socializing anymore; just SLEEP. And we did just that. We slept for fourteen hours straight. And where..? At the best hotel in town: The Taj. The soft, polar bear-ish bed just made me melt in itself. And we must agree on one thing here: if the thermostat in the room is set at the right temperature, there is really no better place in the world than that one room. I just dived under the sheets and slept till I can’t remember what time. When I woke up, it was perfect. There was thunder, rain, and cool breeze.

I cannot possibly forget what we ate for lunch that day. It was an amazing feast specially made for us. With all the henna I had on my arms, the crew at the restaurant thought we were newly-weds (I’d like to think we do not look any different, though.)

These are some pictures of the amazing food we had at the Taj: Two of the most popular items in our lunch that day were: Lehsoon ki Kheer (A dessert made from garlic boiled in milk, cream and sugar, topped with ground nutmeg), and Saffron Paratha (Parathas are breads that are an Indian specialty).



So, the salad; When there is a wedding, we have a puja (a prayer). And when there is prayer, we offer coconuts. Especially in southern India, coconuts are considered the best offering to God; they signify prosperity, wellness, and completeness. And, what we have remaining with us after we distribute all of them, are some more coconuts. I had 2 coconuts left from the puja that my mother packed for me. So this is what I made: A salad. Not an entirely low-fat salad. But definitely one that is moderately low, and moderately high as well in proteins and fiber.


1. 10-12 tender French beans, ends removed

2. 1 medium head of broccoli, cut into florets

3. ¼ coconut, pulp cut roughly

4. ½ a red onion

5. 3 cloves of fresh garlic

6. Salt

7. Olive oil (light will do)

8. A bunch of fresh coriander (optional)


–        Preheat the oven to 200C, with the roasting tray inside.

–        After about 10 min of preheating, remove the tray, grease it and place the beans and broccoli on it and start roasting. You can roast the vegetables to your liking; I roasted them for 25-27 min, because I like a slight charr on them.

–        Meanwhile, in a skillet, heat a tspn of oil and add in the garlic, let it sizzle, and add in the coconut and onion (and coriander).

–        Let the mixture cook for about 30 seconds, and then transfer the whole mixture to your processor. Process till it forms rubble.

–        Take out the mixture from the oven, add in the coconut mixture, adjust your seasoning, and serve warm.


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