Whole wheat and Oatmeal Cookies (Eggless)


I finally made cookies. I made cookies after 2 years! But all thanks to the rolled oats I had lying in my pantry for about some time now. I had two choices with what I could make with them: Granola or Cookies. Both have multiple roles in multiple recipes; and today I just chose to make cookies.


I thought I had lost practice with cookies, but thanks to quite a solid basic recipe, they turned out great. Exactly how cookies should be – chewy, delicious and making you want to eat more than one.


My inspiration for this recipe has been one by Martha Stewart. I did not use egg, and I did not use all-purpose flour. I actually avoid all-purpose flour in most of my recipes. I used a mixture of whatever nuts I could find at home (walnuts and hazelnuts, here)

1. 1 cup whole wheat flour

2. 1 tspn baking powder

3. 1/3rd cup extra virgin olive oil

4. 2/3rd cup packed brown sugar

5. 1/3cup + 1 tbspn fresh yogurt

6. 1 tspn vanilla extract

7. ½ cup rolled oats

8. A handful of nuts, toasted

–        Preheat the oven to 175 C

–        In a medium sized mixing bowl, place the flour and baking powder and mix till combined

–        In another bowl, whisk together oil, sugar, all of the yogurt except the extra tbspn, and vanilla, well till everything is combined thoroughly.

–        Now add in the flour mixture, and mix well.

–        Add in the oats and nuts and fold in. ((Use the extra tbspn of yogurt if you feel the dough is a bit dry). The dough should hold together, be firm, and you should be able to make balls. It cannot be rolled out and cut out. It is a typical cookie dough. And is forgiving.

–        Make balls the size of a lemon and place them on a greased and line cookie tray/baking tray/cookie sheet. Bake them till they are brown, turning the tray half-way through.

–        Cool them for 5 min on the tray, and then cool them completely on a wire-rack


7 thoughts on “Whole wheat and Oatmeal Cookies (Eggless)

    1. extrakitchn Post author

      Thanks for stopping by.
      I baked these cookies for 25-27 minutes. But Martha Stewart’s recipe says 15-17 minutes. I think i depends on the size of the oven and other factors.
      Also, you could use egg-whites or whole eggs instead of yogurt. I have not tried it that way, though.



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