Pasta with Spinach and Broccoli Pesto




This is what we do when it is dark, gloomy and cloudy outside on a Saturday afternoon: We lie around on our couches, click pictures of the sky, sit back, listen to music, and just sit back. And of course drink some hot, steaming chai!

It is another thing that my chai has a lot of variants – the spices I put in depend on my mood, our digestion on that day and many more factors. But I could say one thing in particular: The day we switched to chai both times of the day (morning and evening), our days have been more peaceful. I can safely say that the reason is the caffeine in the coffee that was responsible for the slight unrest that we had in our minds.



The other day I had the idea of combining two iron-rich ingredients into one robust dish. Which better catalyst than pasta for it? And my humble advice is to use fresh ingredients in this, rather than frozen or preserved ones. (freshly grated parmesan, and fresh spinach for example.)

  1. 150 gm broccoli , chopped roughly
  2. 200 gm fresh spinach leaves, washed and cleaned
  3. A handful of pistachios, roasted
  4. 30 gm parmesan cheese
  5. 2 cloves of garlic
  6. Extra virgin olive oil
  7. Salt
  8. Fresh ground pepper (optional)
  9. Pasta of your choice (I used fettuccine)


–          Place pasta for cooking in boiling water

–          Blanch the spinach leaves for about 3 – 3.5 min, till their acidity is almost gone.

–          Place them along with the broccoli, garlic cloves, and pistachios in the processor, and blitz them till they are almost a paste but not quite

–          Add in 2 tbspns of olive oil and blitz again, to emulsify. Add the parmesan cheese and blitz again. You could keep adding tspns of the boiling pasta water in between, in order to reach the required consistency. Drain the pasta after it cooks, and serve combined with pasta. 


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