Salty WW Cumin and Fennel Cookies


My latest obsession is salty cookies. We used to get these buttery smooth salty cookies when I was a child. Now, there are many versions of it, starting from salt and pepper ones to sweet and salt ones. However, I miss the original salty biscuits. I made some last week with some dough I had left from making a Diwali special item; Will post that too soon. And I made some yesterday too, and with a slight twist. These are probably the Indian version of any cookie that you may find.


  1. 250 gm WW flour
  2. 75 gm Semolina
  3. 100-120 ml extra virgin olive oil
  4. 75 gm ghee, melted
  5. 1 tbspn salt (adjust your seasoning based on the type of salt you use)
  6. 1 tspn granulated sugar
  7. 100 ml water at room temp
  8. 50 gm Cumin seeds and 30 gm Fennel seeds (no need to toast them prior, as they would toasty enough in the oven)

–        In a mixing bowl, add the WW flour, salt, semolina, cumin and fennel seeds and combine well

–        Add the melted ghee to the flour mixture and start mixing first with a metal spoon and then with the fingers

–        The dough should resemble wet sand, and should start to form a dough when you press some in your palm

–        Start adding water tbsp by tspn, so that the dough starts coming together completely. It should become hard and firm. It is different from the regular cookie dough because there is semolina in this. But you could avoid semolina and make them to get a softer consistency and slightly chewier cookies. I wanted firm cookies that almost have the texture and taste of biscuits.

–        If you have included semolina, be careful not to leave the dough uncovered. It dries out soon, so always leave it covered while you roll some of the dough out to cut out cookies.

–        After the dough is made, it does not really need to rest; you can go ahead, roll it out, cut out cookies, and bake them till the edges are golden, in a preheated (200 C) oven. They took about 20-25 min in my oven.

–        Cool them on a rack, and store them in an airtight container. These could stay for atleast a week; they are ideal for breakfast, since they are full of fibre and are not sweet; and ingredients like ghee, cumin and fennel act as digestives.


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  1. gypsybrat says:

    wow…look totally yum…if you like these then you’ll love the blackforest cake on my blog


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