Pumpkin + Chocolate Raw Cake



1. 300 g pumpkin, washed, peeled and grated

2. 2 tbspns raw cacao powder

3. 1 ½ tspn vegetable oil (for brushing)

4. 2 tbspns honey

5. 3 tbpns raw cane sugar

6. 1 ½ tbspn almond flour

7. 250 g almonds

8. 80-100 g hazelnuts

9. 70 g dates (any dates will do, but make sure you deseed them)

10. 1 tspn salt (optional)


–        Soak the almonds in room temp water for about 30 minutes. Also soak the dates in warm water for about the same amount of time.

–        Drain the almonds thoroughly, and blend them to powder, along with the hazelnuts. Separately blend the dates till a paste, and combine the paste with the nut-mixture. Make a dough. This is the base of your cake. Press this mixture onto a lined(I used butter-paper brushed with vegetable oil) spring-form cake tin, and freeze it while you make the filling

–        For the filling, place the grated pumpkin, cacao powder, almond flour, honey and palm sugar in the blender, and blend till a smooth paste is formed. (salt also, if you are using)

–        Remove the cake tin from the freezer and pour the mixture carefully over the base, level it out, and chill in the freezer for about 3 hours or a little more.

–        Remove from the freezer just about 10 minutes before you want to eat it.  


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