Flat-rice and Dal Laddu




We tried this recipe some months back, when my mother visited us. In place of flat-rice, you can use the regular rice (basmati or pudding). When we make sweets at home, we make sure to use a few spices to aid digestion, and to avoid ill-after-effects of the sweets. Both cardamom and camphor here used here for that purpose, in addition to taste, of course. 

  1. 1 cup flat-rice, dry roasted till golden
  2. 1 cup of tur dal, dry roasted till light golden
  3. 1 cup of powdered (icing) sugar
  4. 1 cup of ghee, melted
  5. 1 tspn cardamom powder
  6. 2 tiny pills of camphor, ground
  7. Dry roasted nuts and a few raisins (raisins can be soaked in warm water beforehand, for around 10 min, or roasted in a tspn of ghee)

–        After the roasted components are slightly cool but still warm, grind them, separately, till they are fine powders.

–        Work quickly, and while the powders are still warm, combine them with the cardamom powder, camphor, sugar, and the nuts and raisins.

–        Add the melted ghee, little by little and make balls between your palms. Let them cool at room temp, so that they become firm. Then serve. 


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