Beans + Coriander + Granola Salad

Beans Cor Gran Salad 6 Beans Cor Gran Salad 2 Beans Cor Gran Salad

The essence of life is improvement. In food, in eating, in sleeping, in behaving… everything. And one who improves, learns. I do not track every single aspect of mine; but I over the years, I have definitely found that I have learnt to stand up for what I believe in. I no more like people to assert on me what they believe in. I have started to believe in saying no, when needed, and saying that something is unfair if it is.

Also in the case of food, I have started appreciating the need for improvement of taste and the need to leave originality of flavour. As much as we tend to consume cooked food, we infuse food with flavours. When do we really consume anything raw and actually appreciate it?

Here’s to raw food and a contemplation to improvise on original flavours.

I made an instant granola by just roasting about 50 g of rolled oats with almonds. I coated the raw mixture in honey, olive oil, and palm sugar, and roasted this for 15-20 minutes at 200 C. The result was golden brown oats and crispy almonds. I added bits of beet to the salad, but you could avoid it if you like.

Beans Cor Gran Salad 3 Beans Cor Gran Salad 4 Beans Cor Gran Salad 5


  1. 300 g French beans
  2. Half a beet (red/yellow)
  3. 100 g fresh coriander leaves
  4. 50 g rolled oats
  5. 50 g almonds
  6. 10 g palm sugar
  7. 10 g organic honey
  8. Extra virgin olive oil
  9. Salt and fresh ground black pepper


–         Wash the beans thoroughly, chop them and blanch them for 10 seconds

–         Wash, peel and roughly chop the beet

–         Roast the oats and almonds as described above. But do take care not to burn the oats; so keep an eye on the tray of oats and almonds while roasting.

–         Arrange the salad, and adjust seasoning. Serve immediately.


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