Pear + Spinach w/ Caramelized Walnuts


pear spinach salad 2 pear spinach salad 1 pear spinach salad 5

Sunshine. Monsoon. The best. And the better than the best is yet to come. When we were looking out for an apartment in the urban part of my city (Bangalore), all we found were dark kitchens, darker bedrooms, and cramped living areas. It took us almost a month to find this apartment we live in now. This apartment has made me realize the importance of sunshine. The role of sunshine in not just as vitamin D, but also for my plants, for my meditation, and for my kitchen. Cheers to Sunshine!

I made this salad in more of a hurry than anything else. Also, we had lots of fruits left from our last trip to the market. Such a simple salad, and such vastly different mild flavours all combined together. That’s what this is.

pear spinach salad 6 pear spinach salad 4 pear spinach salad 3


  1. 2 Pears (use any kind that you have)
  2. A bunch of fresh spinach leaves, washed thoroughly
  3. Mint leaves from 3 stalks
  4. 1 tbpsn fresh yogurt
  5. 1 clove of garlic
  6. A handful of walnuts
  7. 1 tsp palm sugar
  8. Salt
  9. Fresh ground pepper (optional)
  10. Extra virgin olive oil


–          Peeling the pears is optional. Chop the pears into slices, and add them to a large mixing bowl.

–          Chop the spinach leaves finely and add them to the pears

–          In a processor, make the dressing by adding the mint leaves, yogurt, garlic, salt, and a tbspn of olive oil. Blitz till everything is well emulsified.

–          Add the dressing to the pears and spinach, coat them well, and then caramelize the walnuts in palm sugar. Do this by adding the walnuts and palm sugar to a non-stick wide based pan on medium heat. In about a minute or so you’d see seething sugar. This is the time to stir around the walnuts and coat them well with the palm sugar. Do this for about 10 seconds

–          Take them off the heat, and chop them roughly. Add them to the pears and spinach, and serve immediately.


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