Travelogue – Mumbai

Imagine living on the seacoast. A house with white walls, white doors and windows, the windows open to the sea-breeze of monsoons. The white linen drapes in your home flying in the light cool breeze at dawn and dusk, and you just sitting at your most comfortable window side corner, sipping tea.

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We had a brief stay at Mumbai this past weekend. We were seeing off my nieces and family, and we were there to celebrate their long stay here in India. We have always loved the food in Mumbai. But the most enjoyable feast to the eyes is ironically not food, but the sea. It is officially monsoon here in India; meaning in all states, cities, towns and villages. And in places like Mumbai, monsoon is definitely beautiful. The clouds on the horizon seem so near that you forget that you are on earth witnessing some of the most beautiful sights. So, more than food, I felt I should cover the beautiful sea and its loveliness.

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