Spinach Spaghetti w/ Marinated Aubergines



Ever think of homes designed for the sake of living rather than for architectural significance? How would those homes be where there was only some essentials for living – like a stove, a fridge, few walls that define spaces, and some dishes and beddings. Most of my generation would have seen such homes growing up. There was no need for even expensive cots; families were not just 4 or 5 persons, but more than 7 or 8 in a house. In other words, joint families. Nuclear families were frowned upon, and the families that wanted separation from the joint family were strangely questioned. I wish joint families become the future once more, and the affection we have for one another is shared openly and directly towards each other, than in emails or texts just once in a while.

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Meanwhile, another dose of spinach for us. And this time filled with good carbohydrate. For this spinach spaghetti I used matured spinach leaves. But you could use baby spinach or young spinach if you like.

  1. 200 g WW spaghetti
  2. 20- 25 fresh leaves of matured spinach
  3. 4 cloves of garlic
  4. 10-15 small aubergines
  5. 50 g each of mint and parsley
  6. 2 tspns red wine vinegar
  7. Salt
  8. Extra virgin olive oil


–        While you cook the WW pasta as per instructions on the pack, prepare your spinach and pesto. Cut about 10 spinach leaves into strips, and keep aside. Chop up rest of the leaves roughly and add them and the garlic cloves to a processor with 3 tspns of water and 2 tbspn of olive oil. Process till everything becomes a runny paste. Add red wine vinegar and salt. These ingredients seems enough to remove any light tartness in the matured leaves. Keep this mixture aside.

–        Meanwhile, roast the aubergines in the oven till they are charred. I roast them by first cutting them length-wise and placing them skin-side down in the tray. I then drizzle olive oil and roast them on high for 30-35 minutes.

–        In a bowl, add finely chopped mint and parsley and then the roasted aubergines. Season and mix well. When you serve, pour about 2 tbspns of olive oil per 5 pieces of aubergines and a tbspn of herbs. Remember, you can use this oil later in your other marinades or cooking.

–        Serve the spinach pasta by combining the spinach pesto with the cooked pasta, adding the strips of spinach, and serving the marinated aubergines on the side. A dash of olive oil on top is always welcome.


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