Pear + Cauliflower + Sautéed Almonds Salad


pear_caul_almonds 1

When my Dad comes to visit us, I always ask him what he would eat for lunch (or any other meal). His answer has always been “whatever you have”. I miss that simplicity in people. I miss how adjustment and acceptance came automatically and not through special effort in our lives. How are we to know what pains or makes the other person happy unless we really know the person like the back of our palm? With that intention, isn’t it always good to just adjust ourselves to a situation? Doesn’t that make us stronger?


pear_caul_almonds 4 pear_caul_almonds 5

pear_caul_almonds 6 pear_caul_almonds 7


Okay, now the dish at hand. This is a salad with no major dressing. The dressing is just olive oil and salt. It is even now a wonder to me how just these two ingredients make a salad worth making again and again, and eating again and again.  I used seckel pears because I like them for their meatiness and sweetness in a vegetable salad. I could find a few teeny-tiny flowers of dill too, to use on top of the salad.

pear_caul_almonds 8 pear_caul_almonds 2


  1. 300 g Cauliflower, washed and cleaned
  2. 2 Pears, washed (peel if you like)
  3. Green almonds, washed
  4. 1 red chilli
  5. 4 cloves of garlic
  6. Few sprigs of dill leaves and flowers
  7. Salt
  8. Extra virgin olive oil


–        Prep your cauliflower first, by cutting off the leaves and shaving the vegetable with a sharp knife.

–        Place the shaved vegetable in the oven, to roast until brown (at the highest temp)

–        Meanwhile, prepare the green almonds by slicing them thin. Crush the garlic cloves and chop up the red chilli.

–        In a medium-sized heavy bottom pan, warm up a tspn of olive oil and add the garlic. Saute for 10 seconds and then add the chilli and almonds. Braise for a minute and a few extra seconds, and switch off. The almonds would have toasted well in the garlicy oil.

–        After the cauliflower has roasted, arrange the salad by combining dill leaves and flowers. Season and serve immediately


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