Carom-roasted Bitter Gourd + Mango Salad


bittergourd_mango 1

Bitter gourd is called so because it literally tastes bitter. But if you can find your way beyond all the bitterness, then I think you have a winner-vegetable in your kitchen. Lot of people I know tend to soak the chopped (or whole) vegetable in salted water so that atleast some bitterness gets cut down. But I have never tried that. My method with this gourd is very simple. Caramelization; in just fat, or with onions. All the sweet juices tend to balance out the bitterness of this gourd. In this case, I used semi-ripe mango and sweet coconut to balance out all the bitterness, in addition to roasting the gourd till it is charred.

bittergourd_mango 2 bittergourd_mango 4

bittergourd_mango 3 bittergourd_mango 5


  1. 2 medium-sized Bitter Gourds
  2. 1 semi-ripe (raw) Mango
  3. 40 g raw peanuts
  4. 20 g dry sweetened coconut shards
  5. ½ tspn ghee
  6. 1 heaped tbspn carom seeds
  7. Salt
  8. Vegetable oil


–        Chop the gourd into circles and place them in the roasting tray. Add the carom seeds and roast them till they are charred.

–        To prep the remaining ingredients, peel and cut the mango into wedges.

–        In a small wok, heat ghee and fry up the peanuts first till they are lightly brown, and then the coconut shards till they turn a little brown too.

–        Arrange your salad, season, and serve immediately.


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