Flax Pesto Noodles + Cashew-roasted Broccoli and Pear

green noodles1


‘A bowl of health’ is what I would name this dish, alternatively. Additionally, would you just look at the colors in the bowl? I thought I could call it green noodles, but I realized that they needed their own identity. So, this is what I finalized on.

green noodles3 green noodles2

green noodles5 green noodles4


  1. 100 g whole wheat noodles
  2. 250 g Broccoli florets
  3. ½ zucchini (optional)
  4. 1 tbspn cashew butter
  5. 1 Pear
  6. 100 g flax seeds
  7. 3 cloves of garlic
  8. A bunch of fresh mint and coriander leaves
  9. Extra virgin olive oil
  10. Salt


  • In a medium dish with boiling water, add the noodles, and cook according to instructions on the packet, till they are aldente`.
  • Slice the pear (I left the skin on)
  • In a pan on the stove, pour in half a tspn of oil and saute the garlic and 50 gm of broccoli till the broccoli turns bright green; take the broccoli and garlic off the pan and add them to a processor.
  • To this mixture, add the leaves, and 80 g of flax seeds, salt, and blitz until a paste is formed; add oil and the noodle starch to emulsify.
  • Put the pan back on heat, and add in a tspn more of oil and the cashew butter. Add the rest of the broccoli and saute till the veg turns bright green; take the broccoli off the heat and keep aside.
  • Switch off the pan, and add the sliced zucchini in and close with a lid and let this cook in the reminiscent heat.

After the pesto is done, drain the noodles, add the pesto and mix well so that every strand is coated. Serve the noodles with the sauted broccoli, zucchini and sliced pear, and some sprinkled flax seeds.



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