Greens + Quinoa w/ Mint & Mustard



It is a really long time we made salads at home, the reason being we altered our diet. When you reach a plateau, you must alter. That’s the ground rule, be it in your profession or your body. This salad has little surprises all along as you chomp it down, making it a quite a good change from the regular ones that we have.

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  1. 350 g broccoflower florets
  2. 150 g asparagus
  3. Half a Pear (optional)
  4. Handful of fresh mint leaves
  5. 1 tbpsn of flax seeds
  6. 10 hazelnuts
  7. 2 tbspns multicolour or any other quinoa
  8. 1 tspn of organic grain mustard
  9. 4 cloves of garlic
  10. Salt
  11. Extra virgin olive oil
  • Cook quinoa till the grains are aldente
  • Chop the asparagus leaving the tough part out
  • Meanwhile, in a pan on the stove, heat a tspn of oil and toss the garlic cloves for 20 seconds, and transfer them to the food processor
  • In the same pan, add a tspn more of oil and toss the broccoflower for 2 – 3 minutes till the florets turn bright green. Remove them from the pan, and now add in the asparagus; toss the veg for a minute more and set aside.
  • In the same hot pan, roast the hazelnuts, and then the flax seeds, and set them aside too.
  • In the processor, with the garlic cloves, add mint, mustard and a tspn of water; start blitzing, and add olive oil to emulsify the mixture. Season the dressing. Adjust seasoning in the tossed veggies too.
  • Combine the tossed vegetables with the cooked quinoa, top with toasted nuts and serve warm!

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