I learnt to cook and enjoy eating only after my marriage to the most wonderful man on the planet. The blog is a collection of what I have learnt over the years and am still learning.

We live in Bangalore –  a city with diverse food and culture. The city loves food as much as it loves people.

All my recipes are for two, probably with more than one helping.  I will make it a point to specifically mention if I make a something that serves more than two people. Also, as far as fruits or vegetables are concerned, we are fans of them, and we tend to have more than a serving automatically. So, please take care to alter measurements of your ingredients, accordingly.




15 thoughts on “About

  1. russianmartini

    We have some things in common – I’m a boring attorney by day and wanna-be chef by night!! 😉 And I also learned to cook after marriage – somehow cooking for myself was never as interesting. Great blog!



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